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"Honestly I love her workouts! So easy and fun. You get tired of doing the boring squats but she gives you different workouts to really grow your butt! I did this program without weights and my butt grew & lifted. I am trying it again with 25lbs to see how much more gains I can get. I recommend this program for those who are interested in growing their lower body!"

"I had plans for a vacation and wanted to be bikini ready. I came across Frantzcesca on Instagram. I liked that the workouts looked doable and effective, also Frantzcesca’s before and after looked natural and attainable. So I went ahead and ordered the Full Body At Home Plan two and a half months ago and I haven’t stopped yet! The results were great for such a short period of time and now I’m looking forward to getting even more fit! I’m so thankful that I chose this plan."

"Fancy not only changed my life but improved my confidence, brought back happiness and a new lifestyle to live healthier. I let everything out in the gym and emptied my soul and released stress so that when I was done there was nothing left. I am so grateful for her. Now I can train myself as I did others and love myself more than anything not because of how I look but feel."


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“Remember why you started in the first place; trust the process. Pretty soon you will have established a habit, then that habit will become a lifestyle.”

– Frantzcesca Casimir